Clan MacKenzie

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This name is rendered in Gaelic as 'Maccoinneach', meaning 'son of the bright one'. The Mackenzies are believed to descend from Gillean of the Aird, the twelfth-century ancestor of the earls of Ross. By 1267 the clan were settled at Eilean Donan, the great castle at Loch Duich. By the beginning of the seventeenth century, the Mackenzie territory extended from the Black Isles to the Outer Hebrides. In the eighteenth century the MacKenzies were Jacobites and the third Earl of Cromartie led them in 1745. They were victorious at the Battle of Falkirk, although defeated at the Battle of Littleferry, which prevented the main body of the MacKenzies from participating at the doomed Battle of Culloden, although a number of men did serve and die there.

R. R. McIan described his figure thus:

 "The sketch represents a Jacobite fugitive, who has escaped from the field of Culloden, and still retains in his bonnet the white cockade of the Stewarts, and the badge of his clan, for mounting which many of his countrymen were then transported as felons. The green jacket and red cuffs were a favourite style at that time. Hose and kilt are of the clan tartan. The waist-belt was often worn around the skirts of the jacket, as it is shewn here, passing over the long waistcoat. The dirk represents one in Mr. Mac Tan's possession, the hilt of which is rather remarkable in shape. Shoes and buckles, a late innovation on the original costume, were generally worn at the time. This Cearnach is evidently keeping at bay some of the "Hanoverian party," indicated by the weapons which are seen bristling before him."


The figurine weighs a little under 1.7 lbs. It stands 5.5" tall,  on a base roughly 3.9" by 2.75".