MacInnes Hunting Ancient Tartan Extra Fine Merino Stole

2-3 weeks


The perfect addition to any wardrobe, this extra fine merino stole is a truly versatile accessory. The stole is lightweight and can be worn throughout the seasons. This is a great product for both menswear and womenswear, with a lovely sheer surface, fine pin fringe and lovely drape it can be worn as a wrap over the shoulders or knotted neatly as a scarf.

MacInnes Hunting Ancient is a soft green-based tartan with shades of blue and yellow. This surname comes from Gaelic Aonghais and are said to have come from the same stock as the MacGillivary's. In 1390 the chief was murdered and the clan appears to have dispersed, some attaching themselves to Clan Campbell, while others became bowmen to the MacKinnons of Skye. In the 1745 Jacobite Rising some MacInnes followed Stewart of Ardsheal.

Dimensions: 27.5" x 79". Dry Clean only.