Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia

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Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia, Third Edition. Compiled and Edited by George Way of Plean and Romilly Squire.

What’s in the THIRD EDITION

•Completely revised, updated, and expanded, to reflect the many changes that have occurred over the twenty years since the publication of the second edition

Histories and badges for 346 clans and families with nearly 200 additional Crest designs and hundreds of new images

• Updated research by the original authors aided by leading academics in Scottish history

•Over 500 pages with new layout allowing three times the amount of text that is in the second edition

•New scholarly articles and all previous articles brought up to date and expanded

This work has been 12 years in the making and history academics have unearthed previously unknown material all of which was overseen by the authors and editors. This is a must have volume for anyone interested in the Scottish Diaspora

Beautifully illustrated throughout, and featuring many specially commissioned illustrations, this is the most comprehensive and authoritative work yet published on Scottish Clans. It provides the histories and heraldic details of over 300 of Scotland’s best-known and most famous clans and families, as well as highly informative essays on key elements of clan life and society including:


⦁ The history and development of the clan system

⦁ The law of the clan

⦁ Tartan and Highland dress

⦁ Heraldry