Casual Kilt

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6 - 12 Weeks


The poly viscose kilt is for someone who wants a quality entry level kilt. This Kilt comes with tapered hips (to ensure a proper fit), and 3 belt loops.You don't have to iron it as often and when you do, it's fast and simple! Each kilt is HAND PLEATED to a particular pattern (either to the Sett or to the Stripe). Made from Poly Viscose material, which is an 11 oz. machine washable fabric. The poly viscose material we buy is made in the U.K. and has a combination of Low Pill technology and a Teflon finish applied. This means that you won't get those little "pills" that form on fabric over months of wear and that even if you spill something on your kilt, it's easily wiped off. To see the poly viscose tartan/color options please go to TARTAN FABRIC and click on  POLYVISCOSE TARTAN.