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The Best Places For Beginners To Surf In Scotland

It’s not difficult to understand why so many people are drawn to surfing. The very idea of putting

caution to the wind and letting the mighty ocean show you its power and majesty is as romantic as it

can get when it comes to sport! While surfing is easily accessible for anyone living near the coast, it

has to be said that there are several other factors that need to be considered when you’re a surfing

beginner. While you may be mentally prepared to ride a Pipeline or massive Mavericks, it is so

important to take the time to practice your skills and become better acquainted with the water first.

If you are based in Scotland and are looking for the best places to practice your surfing skills, then

check out the following beaches that will be simply perfect for you!

Belhaven Bay

In East Lothian, Belhaven Bay offers keen surfers the chance to experience practicing their surf

technique on a beautiful wide and flat beach. There are no rocks in Belhaven Bay and the water is

relatively shallow, which means you can take lessons here and get to grips with the water in your

own time and on your own terms.

Dunnet Bay

Dunnet Bay is a three mile long beach found in the middle of John O’Groats and Thurso. The waves

break along the full stretch of the bay and are quite small, which means that there is ideal place for

beginners looking for lots of space to practice on easier waves.

Isle of Tiree

The Isle of Tiree is a very popular surfing destination as it not only has great beaches to explore, but

also has the perfect wind direction and warm seas to make learning to surf easy and idyllic.


In the Mull of Kintyre, Machrihanish is considered to be one of Scotland’s best kept secrets when it

comes to being provided with the ultimate surfing conditions. In the bay you will find rivermouth

peaks and in the south you will find comfortable surfing conditions.

Isle of Lewis

The ocean at the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides offers surfers the chance to experience clean

waters and soak up the views of surrounding white sandy beaches. The swell here is consistently

great and smaller, making it perfect for those looking to find their feet.

Pease Bay

The pretty Pease Bay in Borders is perfect for both beginners and those looking to challenge

themselves once they have mastered some initial surfing steps. The beach breaks here are lovely

and the reef offers the opportunity for more advanced progress to be made when it comes to

perfecting your surf style.

Something to also remember is the fact that while Scotland has the ideal surfing conditions it is also

often very cold, which is why investing in the appropriate gear for your surfing antics is so important.

Purchasing a high quality and warm wetsuit, boots and hoods are vital in some parts of Scotland as

some of the seas here are only surfable during the winter period. Being prepared with your

equipment will help to make your surfing in Scotland far more pleasant and enjoyable.

Mick West Scotland


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