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​How To Be Quintessentially Scottish When Up North

How To Be Quintessentially Scottish When Up NorthEvery country has its own traditions, and Scotland certainly isn’t exempt from that. Whether you’re visiting the stunning city of Edinburgh, or perhaps taking a trek up to the Highlands themselves, we always recommend taking on classic Scottish traditions to make the trip up north a memorable one. [...]

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​5 Scottish Destinations That Have Gone Under The Tourism Radar

Scotland is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, but with so many tourists bustling towards the major cities and tourist hotspots, there are a number of tourists who are looking for destinations that are somewhat quieter, and under the radar. So, once you’ve filled out your EHIC form and packed for your [...]

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​The Best Places For Beginners To Surf In Scotland

The Best Places For Beginners To Surf In ScotlandIt’s not difficult to understand why so many people are drawn to surfing. The very idea of puttingcaution to the wind and letting the mighty ocean show you its power and majesty is as romantic as itcan get when it comes to sport! While surfing is easily [...]

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Mick West Scotland


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Blazin' Fiddles - Perthshire Amber Festival, 30th October 2012

Published on Feb 21, 2013Taken from the live Webcast, here's the full concert set by Blazin' Fiddles from the Perthshire Amber Festival, curated by and featuring the great Dougie MacLean. Thanks to Butterstone Studios for the

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Dressed To Kilt

Dressed to Kilt 2017 from :: Ilya Ilin on Vimeo.

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​What are the best casinos Scotland has to offer?

While the European casino industry is booming and growing, there are currently only 15 land-based casinos in Scotland. Most of the casinos in Scotland can be found in its major cities; Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. Despite there being a handful of them, Scottish casinos are up there with some of the best and most [...]

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How Far Does Scottish Whisky Reach?

Early forms of Scotch whisky date back as far as 1494 known as usage beatha (or ‘water of life’).Distillation of whisky was already well established by the late 15 th century but production was taxeduntil around 1644 which led to a rise in illegitimate whisky production by the mid 1700’s of 400illegal distilleries, compared to [...]

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