Posted by Jake Ridley on 5th Dec 2017

​5 Scottish Destinations That Have Gone Under The Tourism Radar

Scotland is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, but with so many tourists bustling towards the major cities and tourist hotspots, there are a number of tourists who are looking for destinations that are somewhat quieter, and under the radar. So, once you’ve filled out your EHIC form and packed for your trip, make sure to visit one of the top 5 Scottish destinations that have gone under the radar from our list!

Corryvreckan Whirlpool

While this is more of a day-trip on a boat destination than an actual city to explore, the Corryvreckan Whirlpool is a truly exciting and visually pleasing wonder to enjoy. There are a great number of specialist boat tours for visitors to enjoy to see this natural phenomenon. Located between the Isles of Jura and Scarba, this fantastic whirlpool really is a sight to be enjoyed by all.

Shetland Islands

If you’re looking for adorable villages that are just as cute as the miniature Shetland ponies that grace the land, then the Shetland Islands are the best places to consider. Located at the very northwesternmost tip of Scotland, this archipelago is wild, yet beautiful. With unspoiled beaches waiting to be discovered, diverse wildlife that you can view up close and from a distance, and numerous archeological sites as a result of the Scottish and Nordic cultures that influenced the island’s heritage, there’s plenty to see and do on the Shetland Islands. In addition to this, there are numerous festivals and parties to enjoy there, such as Up Helly Aa which is a fire festival paying homage to the Vikings.

The Borders

If you’re a fan of hiking, you’re looking for remote locations to explore, or you simply want to follow the trail of independence that Scotland battled for against England, then head to The Borders. There are a great number of historic towns to explore, and plenty of history to take in. In addition to this, you can enjoy long walks around the mountains, hills, meadows and moors, as well as watch famous spectacles such as the horse parades of Coldstream Guards.

Isle Of Harris – Outer Hebrides

Harris is located on the southern part of the island of Lewis and Harris, and is a diverse and beautiful location to visit. With rich history, and incredible sandy beaches to walk up and down, the Isle of Harris is the perfect location for anyone looking for a rural escape. In fact, on the west coast of the Isle of Harris, you can find some of the most spectacular beaches in the whole of Britain, while the north features numerous mountainous and charming beaches. If you’re looking for total isolation however, head to the east of the Isle of Harris, as this can provide you with some of the oldest rocks in the world, with these magnificent sights waiting to be uncovered. The main attraction to the Isle of Harris however, is the peace and tranquility that the island offers.


Jura is home to one of the most remote, wildest and rugged corners of Britain, and this exciting island provides plenty to enjoy. With stags located on the hills watching over the landscape, otters and golden eagles, there’s plenty to enjoy in this single-track road area. To top it off, George Orwell chose this precise location to write the historic novel 1984.