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Delivery Times

Many items are held in stock. But it is impossible to keep an entire Scottish product line on hand at all times. We have one shipment per week from Scotland. These shipments include custom order and stock replenishment. 1 - 7 day deliveries usually means that we try to have these items readily available for dispatch. However, we may need to wait until the following week for our next delivery

Expected Ship Dates

Tartan Ties: 2 - 10 Business Days (Weekly Shipments from Scotland)
Lambswool Scarves: Within 2 - 10 Business Days (Weekly Shipments from Scotland)
Fine Wool Scarves: 2 Weeks
Tartan Caps and Tams: 5 Weeks
Blankets: Within 2 Weeks (Weekly Shipments from Scotland)
Kilts & Skirts: 4 Weeks
Kilt Jackets: 1 - 2 Weeks (Weekly Shipments from Scotland)
Sporrans: 2 Weeks 
Kilt Hose Piper and Standard: Within 7 Business Days
Kilt Hose Custom: 2 - 4 Weeks
Belts and Buckles: Within 7 Business Days (Weekly Shipments from Scotland)
Other Kilt Accessories: Within 7 Business Days (Weekly Shipments from Scotland)
Glassware: 2 Weeks
Custom Gifts: 1 - 2 Weeks
Jewelry: 3 - 10 Days

I Have a Date Requirement
If you have a critical date by which you need delivery (e.g. a birthday, wedding, departure date, etc.) please let us know (1.) your latest acceptable delivery date and (2.) that we should accept the order only if we meet that deadline. We can then advise you if we are confident of meeting this, and whether any special conditions need to apply.
We will always do our very best to meet your deadline. But we cannot cancel or refund made-to order items, nor accept return charges on other items, unless we fail to meet a deadline that has both been notified to us and which we have promised in writing to meet. And we can never accept responsibility for any indirect costs, such as replacement garment hire.

Delayed Orders
Occasionally we are unable to dispatch an order by the expected date, mostly due to delays from our suppliers. Many of the goods we sell are made by small craft-style producers, so please understand that industrial schedules are not always possible.
If we find that we cannot meet the maximum time indicated, we will contact you as soon as we know of this with a new expected schedule. You will have the option to cancel your order for an immediate full refund, except in the case of made-to-order items if for example fabrics have already been cut.

Pricing is subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to refuse an order if an error has occurred. Wool and precious metals are volatile commodities and require frequent price changes. Please contact us for a quote if you have any concerns.

We ship with tracking numbers in the United States and Canada from three locations:
• New Hampshire
• Nova Scotia

Additional shipping charges may apply to some orders. It is not always possible to use our promotion codes and reflect these changes across all products on our website. For example we cannot ship 20 kilts for $10 or 5 cases of Haggis for $5.00Thank you for your business.

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