Ghillie Brogues Endrick

3-4 weeks


Ghillie brogues have long leather laces that crisscross around the ankle and tie in front. This design allows for a secure fit and adds an element of elegance to the shoes. ‘Broguing’ refers to the decorative hole patterns and detailing on the toe cap and along the edges.

The Endrick is our 'all-rounder' brogue - good for formal events or marching. This is a quality brogue that will serve you well across a variety of occasions. If you're unsure which of our types of Ghillie Brogues to get, this will be the one to go for.

Full decorative leather upper
Synthetic linings and sole to ensure grip
Padded top line for extra comfort.
Full, traditional long laces with leather tassels
Our supplier, Gaelic Themes, have led the way in footwear innovation and these Brogues represent the Gold Standard for pipe bands worldwide.