Cooper Modern Tartan Fabric Swatch

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This name is found in the records of most parts of Scotland. Its spelling varies: Cooper, Coupar, Couper and Cowper are all usual. It is thought that the names largely derive from the town of Cupar in Fife, since most of the early recordings refer to people and places in Fife. But the trade ofcoopera, or barrel-maker, certainly contributed many lines to thefamilya. For example, a payment made in 1329 is to Alanus Cuparius (Alan the Cooper). However, with the exception of a few families who can trace their tree back to the 15th century, the two origins are now indistinguishable and all Coopers, of whatever spelling, may be considered of the samefamilya. One of their most distinguished sons was the poet, William Cowper, who wrote. . . I am originally of the same shire (Fife) and a family of my name is still there.a
Size will vary depending on sett size, pattern repeat and type of fabric.