Inglis Tartan Fabric Swatch

Usually 1 - 2 Weeks


This name derives from the Scots 'Englis', meaning an Englishman, and in the early Latin documents it is rendered Anglicus. One of the name figures in David I's famous Charter to the Abbey of Melrose, a fact to be expected since this family first appears in Border history. During the 12th century the Inglises spread widely and were to be found from Kintyre to Aberdeen. Those of the Kintyre branch appear to have retained their early allegiance to the South, for, in 1300, Malcolm 'le fiz Lengleys' had a safe conduct by land or sea, with his men or with his galleys, to attack and capture any Scots whom he might encounter. Alexander Lenglis, Archdeacon of St. Andrews, has his name spelt both as 'Inglys' and 'English'. It was probably this same Alexander who was Ambassador for the King of Scots in 1478. The name was carried to France, where it appeared as D'Anglars. In Scotland, it is occasionally found as Angel.
Size will vary depending on sett size, pattern repeat and type of fabric.