Lamont Ancient Tartan Fabric Swatch

Usually 1 - 2 Weeks


In earlier times the Lamonts possessed considerable lands in Argyllshire, but through the encroachment of other clans their territory was reduced to Cowal. The early chiefs were known as Lamont of Inveryne. John Lamont was, in 1539, knighted and his lands made into the Barony of Inveryne. Toward Castle, the old seat of the chiefs, was destroyed by the Campbells and, in 1646, 300 Lamonts were massacred. Thereafter Ardlamont became the home of the chiefs. The Lamonts were called Clanic Fhearchair (MacKeracher) after their first known chief Ferchar, who was alive about 1200. Fercharas grandson, Laumun, held a judicial position as "law man" and his office became the surname of his clan. Badge Crab Apple Tree.
Size will vary depending on sett size, pattern repeat and type of fabric.