MacPhail Htg Ancient Tartan Fabric Swatch

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McPhail comes from the Gaelic, meaningSon of Paula. The MacPhails are not a clan in the full Highland sense, but form separate septs of the Mackays, the Camerons and Clan Chattan. The northern (MacKay) MacPhails are descended from Paul MacIc-tire, Son of the Wolf, a noted freebooter of the 14th century, Lord of Strathcarron, Strathoykell and Westray, with his fortress at Dun Creich on the Kyle of Sutherland. Concerning the MacPhails of Clan Chattan it is recorded that, in the time of Duncan, 11th Chief, there lived one Sir Andrew MacPhail, the priest,of whom Clan MacPhail had their beginning.a The Cameron sept appears eventually to have become one with that of the Clan Chattan. There is no blood connection between the MacPhails of the north and those of the other two clans.
Size will vary depending on sett size, pattern repeat and type of fabric.