MacThomas Ancient Tartan Fabric Swatch

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This small clan, which is named in the list of clans which made up the Confederation of Clan Chattan, was, according to tradition, founded by Thomas, younger and natural son of the 6th Chief of Clan Mackintosh. The best known of their Chiefs was John MÌÄåÄÌ åÕÌÄå¢åâåÂå_ÌÄåÄåÛå_ÌÄå¢åâåÂÌÉåÒr, who used the name MacComy, as an English form of the pronunciation in Gaelic of MacThomais. There were other MacThomases, descended from one who called himself Thomas MacCoinnich (Thomas, son of Kenneth), who were in Glen Shee in Perthshire in 1587, appearing in a Roll of the Clans of that date asClan MacThomas in Glenshee.a They frequently took the name of MacCombie. They were regarded as a sept of the Mackintoshes, though one school of thought has them as a branch of the MacKenzies: perhaps because of theCoinnicha in their Gaelic patronymic.
Size will vary depending on sett size, pattern repeat and type of fabric.