Shepherd Moorit Check Lambswool Blanket

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The Shepherd Moorit Lochcarron Blanket is a soft red based check with small brown checks and stripes border around the outside. These blankets were inspired by The Shepherd’s Plaid, woven and worn in the Scottish Borders and Northumbria, hence the pattern is often referred to as the Border Tartan or the Northumbrian Tartan.

Originally, no dye would be required to make this check. The wool used would be from sheep, making the white a more natural shade and black varrying from a brown to darker grey. Most old weavers preferred the natural black, as opposed to that produced by the dyers. The traditional black dyes of the Highlands were made from alder-bark, dock-root and the root of the water-flag.

 Check: Shepherd Moorit.

Dimensions: 140cm x 180cm (55" x 70") including roped fringe.

Composition: 100% Lambswool.

Wash Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only.

Made proudly at the Lochcarron mill in the heart of the Scottish Borders.