The Border Clans (16.5" x 23.5")

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This map outlines the locations of the famous/infamous "Border Reiver" families who straddled the frontier between England and Scotland during the 15th and 16th centuries. By Gill Humphreys. 

Aficionados of history will note the inclusion of famous US figures such as Nixon, Johnston, Graham and Armstrong in the list of 96 names.They lived in violent times when cattle stealing and blackmail were routine operations. The map is full colour and detail and is printed on high quality paper. We deliver worldwide in protective tubes and offer a full guarantee.

Available in two sizes. 

This map features the names: Archbold, Armstrong, Beattie, Bell, Broun, Burns, Carleton, Carlisle, Carlyle, Carnaby, Carruthers, Chamberlain, Charlton, Charteris, Cockburn, Collingwood, Crichton, Croser, Crosier, Cuthbert, Dacre, Dalgleish, Davidson, Davison, Dixon, Dodds, Douglas, Dunne, Edgar, Elliot, Fenwick, Fleming, Forster, Gordon, Graham, Gray, Grey, Haig, Hall, Hay, Hedley, Henderson, Heron, Hetherington, Hodgson, Hogg, Hume, Huntley, Irvine, Johnstone, Kerr, Laidlaw, Lindsay, Little, Lowther, Maitland, Maxwell, Milburn, Moffat, Murray, Musgrave, Nixon, Noble, Ogle, Oliver, Percy, Potts, Pringle, Radcliffe, Redpath, Reed, Riddell, Ridley, Robson, Routledge, Routlege, Rutherford, Salkeld, Scott, Selby, Shaftoe, Simpson, Sneddon, Souter, Storey, Swinton, Tailor, Tait, Taylor, Telfer, Trotter, Turnbull, Tweedie, Wake, Watson, Wilkinson, Wilson, Woodrington, Yarrow, Young.


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    Clan Map of the Borders

    Posted by Thomas F Armstrong on 14th Dec 2021

    Much of what one learns of the Scottish clans emphasizes the more famous Highland Clans. As a descendent of one of the Lowland Clans, I found this map to offer not only an attractive look at the lowlands but also nice detail on the clans. It affirmed what I have always thought, namely the multiple locations of the Armstrong clans in the border region. With the color and detail, the map will nicely complement the more formal map of the Scottish Lowlands that I have from the 19th century.