Great Kilt - Machine Washable (Polyviscose)

Approximately 4-5 weeks


The Great Kilt was a near universal garment in the Highlands from the sixteenth century to the early part of the eighteenth (when the modern small kilt was developed, the feileadh beag). Traditionally, the Great Kilt was simply a large piece of cloth, held together with a belt and folded in precise ways.

CHEATER PLEATS: The Great Kilt comes with the option of 'cheater pleats' (as seen in the pictures above), although the kilt can be left un-pleated if you like.

Cheater pleats are a nice convenience as the kilt will still look like you pleated it yourself, but the pleats are always there and in the correct spot without you having to redo them every time you put the kilt on. The apron edge is fringed and belt loops are set at the appropriate length for your height.

Requires a kilt belt & buckle, and a large plaid brooch, which can be purchased separately.

As with all kilts purchased from Scottish Lion, this garment is Made in Scotland by trained kilt makers.