Package Argyll Kilt

6 - 12 Weeks

This classic Argyll (sometimes spelled Argyle) kilt outfit is suitable for almost any occasion. The quality of garments and accessories is simply outstanding. Each piece is made in Scotland with the exemplary quality standards for tartan coming from the UK's finest woolen mills. Each recommended accessory is hand-picked to make a fabulous impression. The main illustration image may differ from the current package contents.

As with all our kilts, this garment is made in Scotland by trained kilt makers. They are fully canvas lined with three buckles to ensure an excellent fit. The Argyll package can be worn with or without a waistcoat. Note that the waistcoat is extra (see below)

Surcharges: Please note that for larger seat sizes of 46 inches and above a supplement of $45.00 and seat sizes 56 inches and above a supplement of $90.00 will apply to your orders.

The Argyle Kilt Package Includes:

Traditional Tartan Kilt (of your choice) - 8 yard 100% Wool Kilt (16oz).
Argyll Jacket - Black Barathea Wool (Vest/Waistcoat Not Included - Can Be Added - Click on Add 5 Button Waistcoat +$115)
Black Grain 2.25" Leather Belt (to fit waist size of kilt)
Belt Buckle
Semi-Dress Sporran and chain (Suitable for Day or Evening Wear)
Kilt Hose 
Kilt Pin
Tartan Flashes (to match kilt)
Brogues (Endrick Ghillie)

(Please note items may arrive at different times depending on availability)

Not Included: Sgian Dubh, Waistcoat/Vest, Tie, Shirt.

Pleating Options - Sett or Stripe (see image above)
The repeating pattern in a tartan means that two quite distinct appearances can be had to the rear of a kilt, depending on how it is pleated. Kilts can be pleated either to the sett, so that the tartan pattern is preserved in the pleating, or else to the stripe, so that the same vertical line is centered on each pleat.Traditionally civilian kilts were pleated to the sett, and military to the stripe. The choice is yours however pleating to sett is the most popular for non-military kilts.