3rd Aug 2014

Bagpipes Confiscated at the USA Border

Stay Tuned folks. More to come on this subject. Campbell and his Mom Lezlie Webster are actively involved with the Scottish Lion and we want to help find a better solution to this problem!

Update from Campbell Webster!!

With over 1200 signatures on the petition and a few news articles, we received a phone call from an investigator with the fish and wildlife service.... There is a chance of our bagpipes getting released tonight or tomorrow.... I can't thank everyone enough for helping to get the word out. Hoping all goes well and that we will be able to travel tomorrow afternoon to Scotland! Now to pack a months worth of stuff in just a few hours! Leaving tomorrow late morning for the airport... Again a huge thanks toAndrew Berthoff for the article and Craig Munro of Wallace bagpipes for offering me a set of pipes while I am over and as well as Eryk bean for being on the phone all day and being a huge part of helping get all of this together.