20th Dec 2014

Tartan Explained

We offer the most comprehensive range of tartan available from world's finest weavers.

Available in Hundreds of tartans

What is Worsted Wool?

We see that term on the labels of fine woollen clothing, and it's somehow reassuring, but most people don't know what it really means.

Worsted yarns are those made from the longer fibers of fine quality wool, which are combed to lie parallel to each other producing a smooth, clean look. The yarn is then spun with a twist of 15-25 turns per inch, five times higher than that of a regular woollen yarn. The higher the twist, the stronger the yarn.

Fabrics made with worsted yarns have a smooth finish, fine texture, an excellent drape, and wear comfortably in moderate climates. Medium & Heavy weight tartans are suitable as upholstery fabric.

Wool Tartan is available in the following weights

16oz (Heavy Weight)

13oz (Medium Weight)

10oz (Light Weight)

8oz (Spring Weight)

Pricing is determined by:

Fabric Weight

Type of Fabric

Popularity of the tartan – most popular being the less expensive

Minimum Purchase

1 Yard

8 Yards for custom weaving

Order a swatch – if you are matching colours, you may want to order a swatch

Tartan Colours

Ancient and old tartans have paler more moderate hues which reflects the time when vegetable dyes were widely used in Scotland.

Weathered tartans are in soft muted colours representing exposure to the elements.

Dress tartans usually have a lot of white in the sett and are normally used for formal occasions.

Hunting Tartans are usually in darker greens and browns and were worn so as to be less noticeable whilst in the outdoors.

Different Weights of Tartan

Lightweight 67/33 Poly/Cotton blend tartan fabric. Suitable for shirts, blouses and

light home fashions when lined. Limited stock range available.

Plain weave 150cm/59inches wide. Keighly 6oz,

65/35 Poly/Viscose tartan fabric available in a limited stock range, suitable for light clothing and or home fashions. Includes a Teflon coating and is machine washable. Twill weave 150cm/59inches wide. Balmoral 11.5oz

55/45 Poly/Wool blends tartan fabric available in a limited stock range, suitable for light clothing and or home fashions see the list of tartans for availability.

Twill weave 150cm/59inches wide. Sterling 11.5oz

Springweight 8oz 100% wool tartan Available for the top 260 clans. Suitable for ties and light clothing

Plain weave 150cm/59inches wide.

Reiver 10oz tartan fabric Available in 500+ styles

Light weight fashion/ulpholstery quality fabric

Twill weave 150cm/59inches wide.