26th Jan 2017

​What are the best casinos Scotland has to offer?

While the European casino industry is booming and growing, there are currently only 15 land-based casinos in Scotland. Most of the casinos in Scotland can be found in its major cities; Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. Despite there being a handful of them, Scottish casinos are up there with some of the best and most popular casinos the UK has to offer.

Scottish casinos offer everything from classic casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Poker. In addition to the classics there is also the chance to play some of the more exotic games such a mah-jong and Baccarat. Alternatively, if you’re in Scotland and would prefer a quiet night in while still enjoying the buzz that comes with playing casino games, why not try one of the games on Best Deal Casinos? Along with the fantastic scenery, great hospitality and varied cities, Scotland will offer you the most unique of casino experiences.

Soul Casino, Aberdeen

This small-scale casino is ideal for those wanting to pop in quickly for a few games or if you’re the type of gamer that gets put off by large crowds and prefers a more low-key casino vibe. Soul casino has a few slot machines and offers classic games such as roulette and blackjack but doesn’t offer cash games for poker which is something to keep in mind.

Edinburgh Maybury Casino, Edinburgh

Despite being small in size, this casino is hugely popular with the locals. It offers a few very high quality slot machines and 12 live gaming tables so there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy. You can play poker, blackjack and roulette and there are cash tables for Texas hold ‘em which makes this is the best hideout for poker enthusiasts. Edinburgh Maybury Casino allows you to enjoy watching or playing poker tournaments which always goes down well.

The Alea, Glasgow

If you’re looking for some Las Vegas glamour in your Scottish casino experience, then why not visit The Alea? It’s owned by the Caesars Group Entertainment company and is dubbed as one of the most elegant and duper modern casinos Scotland had to offer. It’s the place to go for a glam and glitzy night out. Kitted out with bars and restaurants, you are guaranteed a good time even if you’re not at the tables all night. The Alea also runs lots of different VIP gaming packages for parties and is ideal for a hen or stag do.

Genting Casino, Leith

The Genting Casino in Leith is great for an authentic gaming experience for the down to Earth casino goers. Its friendly atmosphere makes it ideal for novices and guarantees a goodnight every time. Less ‘glam’ and more ‘game’, the Genting Casino offers a relaxed vibe, where smart casual is the dress code so you don’t need to feel out of place if dressing up doesn’t appeal to you. They have the usual table games such as poker and roulette, slots and also have seasonal promotions for the Christmas and New Year’s period.