The Families of County Cork (16.5" x 23.5")



This map highlights the ancient families of Cork, showing the Heraldic crests, and the main historical, events, people and places of interest. Highly detailed illustrations include Blarney Castle, Wolfe Tone, the Drombeg stone circle and Timoleague Abbey. All the main cities, towns, rivers, glens and mountain ranges and the heraldic Shield of County Cork are featured.

Beautifully rendered heraldic crests of the following Families are included: O’Mahoney, O’Keefe, O’Flynn, O’Daly, Lynch, McCarthy, MacDonagh, O’Sullivan, O’Callaghan and O’Donovan. Many more names can be found on the map besides these.


This is an exquisite artwork and educational resource, printed on high quality paper. It will appeal to both historians and genealogists alike.  It is posted in a strong protective tube. It will enhance any home where the family is proud of its Irish heritage.