Argyll Kilt Jacket and Waistcoat (Vest)

2 -3 Weeks (When sizes are in stock)


Indulge in your Scottish heritage with our authentic Argyll Kilt Jacket and Vest, a timeless piece that signifies tradition, family, and ancestry. This jacket is expertly designed for social events, perfectly balancing a touch of formality without being overly so.

This modern kilt jacket, also known as an Argyll jacket, can seamlessly transform its level of formality, adapting effortlessly for both day and evening wear. Designed with a flattering cut, this jacket is tailored in the heart of Scotland, making it an ideal fit for men of all shapes and sizes.

How Do I Select the Kilt Jacket?

The accurate sleeve length, chest size, and shoulder seam measurements ensure a comfortable and confident wear. To ensure a perfect fit, we recommend taking the correct measurements before ordering as our sizes come in lengths of Short (S), Regular (R), and Long (L), and chest sizes ranging from 30 inches to 60 inches.

Rest assured, this piece is a gem of Highland wear, a beacon of Scottish heritage, and not a mass-produced import. Each kilt jacket is handcrafted in Scotland, a testament to our commitment to preserving tradition and offering you the highest quality possible.

Our Argyll kilt jacket is a classic, featuring a traditional one-button fastening, gauntlet cuffs, and scalloped side pockets. The design of this jacket has been the gold standard in Scottish formal wear since the nineteenth century, setting the benchmark for the traditional kilt outfit.

A Brief History of the Argyll Kilt Jacket

The Argyll kilt jacket, also referred to as the “Argyle kilt jacket” due to phonetic similarities, is named after the western region of Scotland and boasts a rich history dating back to the 19th century. Originally crafted as an alternative to the formal Classic Prince Charlie Jacket, the Argyll served as a more versatile option for various occasions. Embracing elements of Scottish heritage, it features distinct design traits like gauntlet cuffs and scalloped pockets.

Over time, Argyll jackets (or Argyle jackets) have evolved, but its roots in traditional Highland wear remain evident. Today, it continues to be an essential part of Scottish formal attire, bridging the gap between past traditions and contemporary style.

What do I Wear this Kilt Jacket With?

You have the freedom to wear this jacket with or without a five-button waistcoat. When not paired with a waistcoat, it is typically complemented with kilt belts and a buckle set. Our tweed jacket goes particularly well with traditional kilts and tartan trousers, complemented by a crisp formal dress shirt and finished with Celtic buttons and a kilt pin for an authentic touch of Scottish heritage.

Whether you prefer a black, bottle green, rifle green, minch blue, navy blue, red, or charcoal tweed kilt jacket - Each colour variant is a testament to Scottish craftsmanship, each a darker shade of tradition, each a step closer to your roots.

Whether for a special occasion or as a part of your everyday wardrobe, our kilt jackets are a testament to your lineage. They're more than just attire; they're a part of your identity. Embrace your roots, relive your history, and wear it with pride. Choose Scotland. Choose tradition. Choose our Scottish Argyll Kilt Jacket and Vest.